Why You Should not Necessarily Check out Kenya In August

Tansania 2007
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Everyone who assumes they know exactly what they are talking about will tell you the very best time to see Kenya is between July and September. The factors for this are first of all that the wildebeest in their hundreds of thousands are arriving from the Serengeti.

This has the very regrettable side effect of dramatically enhancing the variety of travelers in the area, as well as locations like the Masai Mara are inundated with them, and also this implies two things to the prospective traveler.

The first point is that prices go with the ceiling, and also second of all when your minibus driver takes you to see the wildebeest going across a stream, you will be one of dozens of cars full to the brim with visitors, all viewing the exact same animals. This is not my suggestion of a safari, actually it is my idea of hell, since I want to be alone with my family in a lorry, and also alone with the animals.

The other time the experts inform you to stay clear of is between March and also June, which is the time of the lengthy rainfalls, and November, which is the moment of the short rains.

November may simply be the very best time to go to Kenya, as well as enter the initial 2 weeks, due to the fact that the rates are a lot less, the travelers have departed, as well as it is now the wildebeest start their lengthy march back to the Serengeti, and the sight of miles and miles of them is something you will certainly never forget.

Tropical rain is extraordinary in itself with downpour, as well as one of the most astonishing electrical storms, however not solid rain, just heavy showers of up to a few hours. You currently see the golden brown colours in the Masai Mara beginning to go environment-friendly once again, and also the rate of the makeover is astonishing.

So overlook the sensible pundits, and go to Kenya in very early November for a much cheaper holiday.

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